About O’Chiese Energy

O’Chiese Energy L.P. (O’Chiese Energy) was registered as a Limited Partnership under the Alberta Partnership Act on May 31, 2011. The principal purpose of O’Chiese Energy is the management of oil and gas drilling activities on the O’Chiese First Nation Reserve Lands.

The business plan represents the intent of the O’Chiese First Nation to enter further into the Oil and Gas industry through its oil and gas company O’Chiese Energy.  In 2011, the O’Chiese First Nation instructed Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) that all future leases on O’Chiese Lands will be exclusively issued to O’Chiese Energy.  O’Chiese Energy acts as an intermediary between mainstream oil and gas companies and the O’Chiese First Nation.  O’Chiese Energy retains reasonable, non-operated working interests or royalties that suite the needs of its joint venture partners while ensuring any oil and gas activity on O’Chiese First Nation Lands directly benefit the O’Chiese First Nation community.  By working together as joint venture partners, O’Chiese Energy understands the need for development of mineral resources in conjunction with the needs of the O’Chiese First Nation community, the environment and planning for the future.

O’Chiese Energy will work diligently to develop a successful oil and gas corporation and continue to maintain administrative control of O’Chiese First Nation natural resources while building the capacity of the membership consistent with the Nation’s mission, vision, and values


Gordon Baux has worked in several management capacities throughout his career.  Mr. Baux has been the Chief Operating Officer of O’Chiese Energy since January 2019.  Prior to that, he was the Engineering Manager of O’Chiese Energy when he joined in April 2016.  Previous experience includes various Engineering Team Lead positions, Senior Exploitation Engineer and Marketing Representative at Crescent Point Energy.  Mr. Baux has also held roles in investment banking and valuations at Waterous & Co and Sproule Associates earlier in his career.  Gordon is a member of APEGA as a Professional Engineer.

Sheldon Funk joined O’Chiese Energy in the summer of 2016 as Land Manager.  Mr. Funk has over 20 years of oil and gas negotiating experience and has been involved in various positions including start-up, mid-size and multinational oil and gas companies such as Exxon Mobil, Husky Energy, True Energy Trust and Westfire Energy Ltd.  Prior to taking the position at O’Chiese Energy, Mr. Funk held the position of Land Manager at Novus Energy Ltd.  Mr. Funk has a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary, majoring in Petroleum Land Management and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen.