The O’Chiese Energy is concentrated on 53 sections of land within the Mannville – Spirit River & Cardium Fairway. The first well on the O’Chiese lands was drilled in 1955 with a total of 243 wells drilled since.  Between 2010 and April 2019, 164 wells have been drilled. The majority of the wells drilled are producing from the Upper Mannville (Spirit River, Falher A, Falher B & Notikewin) and the Cardium. As well, there is production from the Duvernay, Rock Creek, Ellerslie, Shunda and Belly River on O’Chiese Energy lands.

Total gross production on O’Chiese lands were just shy of 30,000 boe/day in April 2018. Upper Mannville deliverability achieved a maximum rate at 26,000 boe/day (155 MMcf/day) and Cardium deliverability achieved a maximum rate at 10,800 boe/day (7% oil and wellhead liquids).

O’Chiese Energy owns a 5% WI in the Nees-Ohpawganu’ck Sweet Deep Cut Gas Plant (10-09-045-08W5), the Gas Gathering System, the Condensate Gathering System and the Fuel Gas Distribution System. Phase I of the Plant came on stream in June 2015 and Phase II on stream in March 2018. The Gas Plant has an inlet capacity of 230 MMcf/day. The Plant is equipped with a turbo expander capable of extracting ethane-rich NGLs from the raw gas stream.